green frog caught


I love the colors of this little guy.  He does look just a little put out that his peaceful day in the pond was so rudely interrupted by a bunch of crazy people chasing him around.  He is a permanent resident of the pond at the house we rented near Stowe, Vermont a couple of summers ago, and brings back great memories of a fun family trip full of all kinds of adventure… including frog catching!

Frog (guest post by Ashley Waite)

Frog in a pond in vermont

This photo was taken almost two years ago to the date, while my family was on a vacation in Canada and Vermont.  While exploring the grounds of the house we were renting, I saw this frog by the edge of a pond.  He was huge and not intimidated at all of me teetering on the edge of his pond with my camera lens in his face.  My favorite thing about this photo though is the memory it evokes of my husband coming up minutes later and catching (and then re-catching) this frog as it leaped around the yard.